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Itís not just a cleaning...

Donít under-estimate the value of your preventive visit with your dental hygienist! Regular visits to our office are important to maintain the health of your smile and to uncover any early warning signs of disease.

At each preventive visit, Dr. Payne and our Hygiene Team will perform a complete oral health assessment with necessary digital xrays and check the condition of your teeth, gums and supportive bone levels to look for signs of disease or infection.

The #1 cause of adult tooth loss is Periodontal (Gum) Disease, not tooth decay. At least half of adults
over the age of 55 have some form of Periodontal Disease. www.perio.org

Periodontal (Gum) Disease is a progressive disease that begins when bacteria penetrate and grow beneath the gums. As the disease spreads, gum tissue and eventually bone become infected and are destroyed. If left untreated, periodontal disease can break down enough bone and gum tissue to cause teeth in the affected area to become loose and eventually fall out.

Common signs of Periodontal Disease are bleeding or swollen gums, persistent bad breath, receding
gums or "loose" teeth that do not have a history of trauma.

  • Stress, smoking and poor nutrition can be contributing factors to gum disease.
  • Recent studies indicate that there is a link between the bacteria and inflammation associated with periodontal disease and risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and preterm low birth weight.
  • If detected early, periodontal disease can often be treated in our office with nonsurgical treatment supported by effective home care and regular follow-up by Dr. Payne and our Hygiene Team.
  • In some cases, surgical procedures may be required to treat bone loss or areas of advanced infection; Dr. Payne may coordinate treatment of these conditions with a gum specialist, or Periodontist.

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