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Invisalign® / Clear Orthodontics

Do you have crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth? Today’s orthodontic treatments are convenient and comfortable - and with clear orthodontics, barely noticeable!

Dr. Payne is a certified Invisalign® provider, and also provides orthodontic services
using Essix MTM® clear aligners.

Clear Braces - The process is easy!
Treatment begins with a thorough examination and analysis of your teeth using photos, impressions and digital radiographs. Dr. Payne will use digital imaging and educational videos to plan your treatment and discuss the desired results with you.

Dr. Payne prescribes the orthodontic treatment and sends instructions to the orthodontics laboratory, where a series of customized aligners is created just for your smile. Each aligner is designed to move teeth gradually. You visit our office every few weeks for a new aligner and a progress check as we straighten your smile.

invisalign before invisalign after
Before After

Our patients have enjoyed the convenience of clear braces – the aligners can be removed for cleaning, and do not limit the types of foods you can eat. And because they are clear, more and more adults are taking advantage of “wire-less” orthodontic treatment as the aligners are not as distracting as traditional braces in the work environment and in social settings.

In some cases, Dr. Payne may recommend that you be seen by an orthodontic specialist for your care. He and the orthodontist will work closely together to make sure that we meet and exceed your goals for your smile.

invisalign clear braces
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