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Brighten up Your Smile
Professional teeth whitening is a popular, safe and economical way to change a smile. Today’s whitening products allow you to easily whiten your teeth and “touch up” periodically to keep a brighter smile.

We offer a Home Whitening system in our practice. Using custom acrylic trays designed to hold whitening gel, wearing these trays for about an hour a day usually lightens teeth after a few weeks.

Why aren’t my teeth as white as they used to be?
Teeth naturally darken as we age. Dark beverages such as colas, tea, coffee or red wine can create stubborn stains on teeth. And, not only is smoking a health risk, it leaves dark yellow and brown stains on teeth that are tough to remove. In some cases, tooth discoloration is related to childhood use of certain antibiotics during the developmental stages of permanent teeth.

What about the home teeth whitening products available in the drugstore?
Over-the-counter whitening products have some of the same ingredients as professional whitening solutions, however the Food and Drug Administration prohibits these products from containing the same levels of active ingredient as those administered by licensed professionals. The methods of applying these solutions to your teeth (strips, make-at-home molds, trays) often don’t fit or adhere properly to the teeth, causing uneven or insignificant bleaching to occur.

Are you ready for a whiter smile? Contact Us to schedule a quick visit to fit you with custom whitening trays and wake up your smile!



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